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Meaning of refinancing is that the new loan the borrower receives on more favorable terms than was the old. According to most psychologists about obtaining loans most often think people with low incomes.

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For example, a borrower wants to take a Bank of 100 thousand rubles. It is very often the emotions come across and the young people that get consumer loans only to show off to friends expensive smartphone or tablet and then be repaid over 3-5 years credit for a toy, the activities of which they do not even use half.

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Financial institution, in turn, may be a kind of indicator of the reliability of the developer, because of serious financial institutions are ready to cooperate only with honest, reputable and successful construction companies. According to psychologists, the most conscious citizens are citizens of our country aged 40-43 years, as these people turn to financial institutions as a rule, to buy housing.


The insurance entities - actuaries, insurance brokers, mutual insurance societies and insurers. Insurance organizations - insurance companies life insurance, insurance companies for insurance other than life insurance and reinsurance companies.



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